Loraine Lundquist—the Democrats' choice for L.A. City Council

Vote August 13

Vote on August 13 in the special election for City Council District 12.

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Dr. Lundquist is the ONLY candidate endorsed by Democratic organizations.

We are the North Valley Democratic Club. We are a group of individuals, all Democrats, who get together to support candidates who share our values.

Dr. Lundquist shares our values!

Dr. Lundquist preparing to testify at Aliso Root Cause Hearing

Dr. Lundquist among speakers on shutting down the unsafe and unneeded Aliso gas facility.

She has been on the front lines for shutting down the unsafe and unneeded Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility, which had the massive gas blowout a few years ago that injured so many of us. She has been fighting for protecting residents from the very beginning, and she will keep up this work in the City Council.

The independent root-cause analysis found that the gas company suffers from a lack of a safety culture and found many specific instances of safety failures.

The facility is not a source of our natural gas. It is only used for temporary storage. The gas company wants it to make more money by hopefully buying low and selling (to us) high. We can bring in enough gas from our out-of-state sources every day to meet our needs for that day without storage.

As an astrophysicist who teaches climate and sustainability at CSUN, Dr. Lundquist will lead the city to use green energy while making life better for all of us.

Loraine will fight homelessness with a comprehensive approach to affordable housing and by connecting more people with the services they need. Starting with permanent supportive housing for the homeless will clean up our streets and save taxpayer money.

Endorsed by L.A. Times

Loraine will fiercely defend women's rights, including the right to choose. She will expand paid parental leave, which has been shown to improve business productivity, morale, and employee retention. She will invest in families and help Los Angeles lead the way forward.

The Los Angeles Times says “The best person for the job is Loraine Lundquist.” Being a scientist, “Lundquist would bring a fresh perspective from the North Valley to City Hall.”

Dr. Lundquist's endorsements also include the official Democratic Party and these groups of Democrats:

Loraine is endorsed by pro-choice organizations: National Women's Political Caucus, Women's Alliance Los Angeles, vote mama, MOMTIVIST

and these elected officials:

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